Joy Reid Calls Attack on US Embassy in Baghdad “Trump’s Benghazi”

Joy Reid Calls Attack on US Embassy in Baghdad “Trump’s Benghazi” – Don Jr. Drops in and Sets Her Straight

Joy Reid

MSNBC host and serial liar Joy Reid had the nerve to compare the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad to the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack which left 4 Americans dead.

Hundreds of Iranian-backed activists stormed the US Embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday.


Iraqi security forces failed to stop the raid on the US Embassy.
The Iraqi protesters were carrying Hezbollah flags.

The Trump Administration immediately responded by sending in over 100 Marines as backup to protect American citizens — no Americans were killed because of decisive action.

AH-64 Apaches were deployed to protect the US Embassy in Baghdad.

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said, “We have taken appropriate force protection actions to ensure the safety of American citizens…and to ensure our right of self-defense. We are sending additional forces to support our personnel at the Embassy.”

But Joy Reid called the attack “Trump’s Benghazi” – a complete lie.

Donald Trump Jr. dropped in on Joy Reid Wednesday and set her straight.

Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ignored countless requests for more security in Benghazi, Libya.

The Obama administration then ignored pleas for help in September of 2012 as the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi was under siege for 13 hours by Islamic terrorists.

4 Americans died (pictured below) because of Obama and Hillary — the Obama admin then lied about the Benghazi attack and claimed it was all because of a YouTube video.

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