Krystal Ball First On-Camera Interview With Tara Reade On Joe Biden Sexual Assault Allegation | Video

Krystal Ball, host of The Hill’s “Rising,” landed the first on-camera interview with Tara Reade, a former staffer in Joe Biden’s Senate office who says the former senator sexually assaulted her in the 1990s.

“Tara says she tried to get her story out in other ways too,” Krystal Ball reports. “She went to Elizabeth Warren’s office and Kamala Harris as well. She got nothing back from Harris and a standard form letter from Warren. Two women who heavily ran on their gender and what their election would represent for women.”

“Tara wasn’t exactly hard to find after [Ryan Grim’s article in The Intercept] and Katie Halper’s podcast interview. [Listen below] I reached out to her on Twitter and heard back in minutes,” she said. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t want “Rising” to be the first on-camera interview for Tara… I thought Tara deserved a full vetting and a fair hearing from a mainstream outlet.”

“If a claim like this had been made against Bernie Sanders, or even Donald Trump, or another media villain like Edward Snowden, do you think the accuser would have any trouble getting press? Do you think it would fall to independent and alternative news to break the story if a woman who worked with Bernie in the 1990s made a credible claim of sexual assault? Do you think CNN and MSNBC would bury their heads in the sand? Every reporter in this town would be breaking down their door to be the first to tell that story.”

“Tara is trending on Twitter and all the blue checks and the gender warriors are nowhere to be found,” Ball said. “Their principles seem to have abandoned them now that it threatens their access to the Biden campaign and their ability to grift off their coziness and proximity to power.”

“They’ll gladly provide a venue for allegation against the outsiders upon whom their status and access do not depend. They’ve got to be dragged kicking and screaming to do their job when it comes to their own ideological and class brethren.”

“So drop the ‘why now?’ The truth is, she’s been doing everything she could think of to be heard, this is just the first time anyone bothered to listen.”

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