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It’s been a busy couple of days here at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Not because I’ve been attending a lot of the no-doubt-excellent speeches. Actually, I haven’t seen any yet, although I am planning on attending President Trump’s speech in the morning. Instead, I’ve focused on promoting my organization, Center of the American Experiment, as well as Power Line.

On Thursday evening I did an appearance on Sky News in Australia, talking about Michael Cohen’s testimony. I was supposed to do it from a studio at CNN, but they canceled on us. Probably needed all hands on deck to smear Trump. So I did the interview via Skype; it turned out pretty well. Here it is. I elaborate on some of the points I have made here:

Yesterday we had a steady stream of visitors to the Center’s booth. I shot this brief Facebook Live video, which features a group of Minnesota college students who are attending the conference:

Last night, we hosted a happy hour for CPAC attenders with a Minnesota connection. It was the highlight of our visit so far, which probably tells you more about me than about CPAC. I got to meet and chat with one of my heroes, Michael Ramirez, the world’s greatest editorial cartoonist. My colleague Pari Cariaga shot this brief Facebook Live video during the happy hour:

Dave Sussman of Whiskey Politics was there with his team, and they shot some footage of Dave interviewing Michael and me in the bar/restaurant, but I don’t think they have posted that video yet.

Earlier today I was on the radio with Dan Ochsner, host of Ox in the Afternoon. And now we are back at the CPAC Hub, manning the American Experiment booth.

It is always fun to be at CPAC, where many conservatives, especially young ones, gather. This year there seem to be more African-Americans than in past years, perhaps because of Candace Owens’s influence. We bumped into her this morning, too, just before my wife almost tripped over Ted Cruz–you see a lot of interesting people here.

I’ll have more to report after seeing President Trump in the morning.

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