The Senate Should Censure the House over Impeachment

Opinion: The Senate Should Censure the House over Impeachment Illustration by B.Black Fox

Sunday, President Trump in one of his late (for him) morning tweets, poked at one of his favorite targets, Representative Adam Schiff writing,

Shifty Adam Schiff is a CORRUPT POLITICIAN, and probably a very sick man. He has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!

Of course the entire Left went nuts, categorizing this tweet as some sort of threat. Horsehockey! The President is quite right. Schiff and more than a few other members of his political lynch mob, need to be held to account for their actions. They need to feel some serious (legal) pain.

This might be a touch premature, but I believe that the Senate should send a strong message to the House of Representatives and a stronger one to the American People. The U.S. Senate, when all of this sturm und drang is said and done, must send a Note of Censure to the House of Representatives generally and to Speaker Pelosi, Representatives Schiff, Nadler and anyone else who has promoted this Impeachment farce, specifically. Here is why.

The House, ostensibly “led” by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but de facto by Reps. Schiff and Nadler, have taken partisanship to a new low, by abusing the legal process in an open and notorious attempt to to overturn the results of a presidential election. That election duly chose Donald J. Trump as President. Their fallback position in the event of failure, which is looking all the more likely, is to dirty up the President before November, hoping against hope that such will help them install a leftist at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Good luck with that.

The House ran a partisan investigation that cost the time, energy and focus of an American President and his Administration, in an attempt to keep him from doing what the American electorate sent him to Washington to do. This open and notorious abuse of government power, is based on an entirely false premise—that being, President Trump threatened to withhold military aid In order to get a foreign government to “interfere in our election.” That of course, is ludicrous. Here are the results Of that asinine proposition.

These fools wasted millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars to at best, provide DNC talking points for the 2020 elections and at worst, overturn the 2016 Presidential election, claiming, “We can’t trust the voters to do what’s right in 2020.”

The legal depravity initiated by the Mueller investigation, carried well forth into Schiff’s operation, forcing administration members to hire attorneys at their own expense in order to avoid going to jail for some trumped up process crime. We saw the effects of this same thing during the Mueller witch hunt, where government lawyers on taxpayer funded salary, “papered” innocent folks like the distinguished Lieutenant General Flynn into penury. Flynn after all, had to pay his attorneys out of his own pocket and by the billable hour.

Schiff and company continued this charade by ignoring due process and interviewing witnesses without the President’s attorneys present. Moreover, they had the gall to tell the President’s team that they could have representation, if and only if, they waived the President’s Executive Privilege. what a crock.

The management of this debacle was a mess from start to finish. The Democrats did a poor investigation, hid information and finally, failed to do the procedural work necessary to subpoena and ultimately hear from witnesses they deemed critical. They declared they were ready for trial by transmitting the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. These losers then had the temerity to begin mewling for additional witnesses…witnesses they failed to properly request to begin with.

Most egregious however, is the effect this circus, this waste of resources and lost opportunity, has had on Vladimir Putin’s disinformation objective. Some time ago, I published a piece regarding Putin’s ultimate objective was never about choosing a particular candidate. It was about sowing discord in our system. For a few hundred grand he was and still is (with the help of the Democrats) fostering less and less confidence in or electoral system.

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If for no other reason than the last item above, the United States Senate needs to send a note to the House of Representatives, censuring each and every member who voted YEAH on the impeachment resolution. It needs to follow that with criminal referrals on Schiff and Nadler. It’s not enough to take the (almost certain) “Not Guilty,” verdict for the President and rest on our laurels. As an old Command Sergeant Major once told me, “Sir, if there’s no pain involved, then there’s likely no learning taking place.” These people need to feel some serious (legal) pain.

As always, kudos to our stellar illustrator, B Black Fox, who says in a picture, what I need 5,000 words to get across.

Mike Ford

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters. 

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