WTH? Mitch McConnell’s NRSC Sends Out Memo Urging GOP Candidates NOT to Defend President Trump’s Coronavirus Response (VIDEO)

The RINO Republicans running the National Republican Senatorial Campaign released a statement this week warning 2020 candidates not to embrace the president’s response to the Wuhan virus pandemic. The memo said in part: “Don’t defend Trump, other than the China Travel Ban – attack China.” The Trump Campaign responded to the NRSC saying, “If any Republican candidate follows the memo they risk being reelected.”

The NRSC famously released a horrible attack video on Republican Doug Collins running for the US Senate seat in Georgia.

Doug Collins is challenging Kelly Loeffler in the Republican primary for US Senator from Georgia. Loeffler is caught up in controversy after it was reported she sold stock before the market collapse in March.

Loeffler was hand-picked by the Republican governor Brian Kemp to replace the US Senate seat vacated by Senator Johnny Isakson.

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Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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